Looking to boost your online presence & increase revenue?

Your website & social media channels are key components of your business's success. Let me help you unlock their full potential with my proven services!


Businesses that blog consistently acquire 126% more leads than those that don’t. 

Want to increase traffic & generate more visitors & leads with writing that speaks to your target audience?

Blogs include:

- Writing that authentically connects with your target audience and solves their problems

- Search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research

- Embedded internal & external links

 - Formatting with images added

- A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days

Landing Pages

If you’re trying to collect leads or drive sales, landing pages do what your website can’t by focusing on one dedicated conversion goal.

Ready to convert your traffic with an optimized landing page?

Pages include:

- A benefits-focused headline

- A unique selling proposition (USP)

– A list of detailed benefits and features 

- Image of service or offer

– Social proof

– A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days


Email marketing influences the buying decisions of 50.7% of customers.

Need help crafting emails that target new customers, re-market your business to existing ones & persuade readers to take action?

Emails include:

- A benefits-focused email header and an informative preheader

- Body text that's compelling and resonates with your audience

- Email design & personalization

- A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days

Social Media

Over 58% of the world's population now uses social media. That's over 4.6 billion users!

Looking to increase your social media presence, reach, & engagement with content relevant to your audience?

Social media content can be created for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Social media packages include:

– x20 Social media captions 

– x4 Short marketing emails

- x2 1000-Word blogs

*A monthly package that's customizable depending on the client's needs.

Turnaround 1 week

Product Descriptions

Make your website look professional with product descriptions that help your customers make informed purchasing decisions. 

Want to optimize your product descriptions for Google so they appear higher on search results?

Product descriptions include:

- A product description that focuses on the product’s/service's benefits and features

- Writing that demonstrates your authenticity to show customers why they should choose your product/service

- Answers to all the buyer’s questions

- A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days

Content Strategy

Every business needs a comprehensive and holistic marketing strategy to attract and engage with its audience and generate profitable customer action!

Need of an effective content strategy that attracts your target audience at every stage of the sales funnel?

Content strategy includes:

- SEO keyword research

- Content ideas

- Monthly themes

- A quarterly marketing plan with a calendar to help you save time and get better results

Turnaround 1 week

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