500 Word Blog

Blogging is an inbound marketing strategy that truly works and it’s an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your site.

Statistics reveal businesses and companies that blog consistently acquire 126% more leads than those that don’t. 

Invest in your blog to generate more visitors and qualified leads.

Article includes:

- Topic research and writing that speaks to your target audience

- Search engine optimization (SEO)

- Proper formatting with images added

- Embedded internal & external links

*Additional words are charged 0.20c per word. Maximum article length is 2000 words.

Turnaround 3 days



Package deals:

x8 Blogs $1000

x12 Blogs $1600

x24 Blogs $3200

Longer turnaround for packages

Landing Page

Whether you’re trying to collect leads or drive sales, landing pages do what your website can’t by focusing on one dedicated conversion goal.

Did you know businesses that increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 see a 55% rise in leads?

Page includes:

– Unique selling proposition (USP)

– Image of service or offer

– Features & benefits

– Social proof

– Call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days



Package deals:

x3 Landing pages $600

x6 Landing pages $1400

x8 Landing pages $1800

Longer turnaround for packages

Social Media

Grow your audience, reach, and engagement with writing focused on creating compelling and persuasive messages that resonate with your audience. 

58% of the world's population now uses social media. This social media package will help strengthen the relationship between your brand and your readers and develop your social media presence. 

Social Media Package includes:

-  A bespoke content strategy for your business/brand

- Search engine optimization (SEO)

– x14 Social media captions

- x2 500-Word blogs

– x8 Short Emails

*This package is customisable depending on the client's needs.

Turnaround 1 week



Package deals:

3 Months of social media $2000

 6 Months of social media $4000

12 Months of social media $8000

Longer turnaround for packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer other writing services?

Yes, I certainly do. If you're looking for a writing service not listed above, I can provide a quote.

Does content come with editing?

Yes, all my writing comes with professional editing, which is included in the price. I also offer free revisions.

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