Ready to convert your traffic into subscribers & buyers?

If your business relies on Google search to bring visitors to your website, then you know how important it is to have content that not only ranks well but also converts new visitors into subscribers and buyers. 

Alas, content that can do all that requires extensive research, writing, and editing. 

So if you’re tired of trying to do it all yourself, I get it... 

The process of creating the perfect kind of content to appeal to your audience can be a time-consuming and frustrating one. As a business owner, there are likely more valuable uses for your time! 

That’s where I come in,

Welcome, I'm Nora, a freelance copywriter & content writer,

My SEO writing has helped clients boost their engagement, conversions, & sales, leaving them to focus on growing their businesses. 

As a writer with a marketing & academic background, research & writing are my strong suits.

This means I’m great at creating blogs, emails, & landing pages that not only captivate readers but also deliver results for clients.

My process is very simple:

1. First, I identify content gaps & tap into revenue-generating opportunities you might be overlooking

2. After I've done that, I'll deliver content that inspires your audience to take action

3. Finally, I like to make sure each piece of content is delivering the maximum amount of views and revenue by tracking its performance

Here’s what I can help with:

- Writing high-converting marketing emails

- Improving your existing content and repurposing it

- Creating/optimizing your landing pages to improve your conversion rates

- Creating a custom content strategy for your business with short & long-term goals

- Writing search-engine-optimized (SEO) blogs that'll help your business build trust with your audience and rank higher on Google search results

I've worked with businesses in 20+ niches to boost salesleadsvisitors for their websites and social media accounts.

I’ve produced all types of short, medium, & long-form content from blog posts, and landing pages to emails.


“It was fantastic working with Nora, she is very creative, professional, patient, and great working on her own initiative. My topic is very niche and I was super impressed at all her research and how Nora brought everything together with very little guidance. Would highly recommend Nora and I look forward to working with her in the future!”

- Irene Treacy, HPWP

“I was delighted with the quality of Nora’s work. She took care and attention over every assignment I gave her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”

- Alice Cooke, H2O Publishing

"Nora always does her research on the topics we give and provides focused content and copy. She is always responsive to our requests and is very easy to work with. Her work is always delivered on schedule and her writing is incredibly valuable for our charity. We look forward to working with Nora more in the future.”

- Mohsen Sharifioun, The Zahra Trust


Blogs include

- Writing that authentically connects with your target audience and solves their problems

- Search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research

- Embedded internal & external links

- Formatting with images added

- A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days

Landing Pages

Pages include:

- A benefits-focused headline

- A unique selling proposition (USP)

– A list of detailed benefits and features

- Image of service or offer

– Social proof

– A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days


Emails include:

- Personalization

- A benefits-focused email heading & subheading

- Body text that's compelling and resonates with your audience

- Email design & personalisation

- A clear call to action (CTA)

Turnaround 3 days

I appreciate the challenges that come with content creation, it's not easy to consistently deliver value-packed and action-oriented writing that captivates your target audience.

Let me lend you a hand. I can help your business develop a unique voice with content that engages & copy that drives results!

Are you ready to elevate your business to new heights?