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8 Methods to grow your customer base: a step-by-step guide

A customer base is the group of people to whom a business sells its goods or services, and it might be a good indicator of how well your business is doing. In a highly competitive and economically demanding market climate, being able to create a growing client base successfully is a crucial prerequisite for business survival and success.

Of course, building a client base requires time and work, but most importantly, it requires paying attention to who your consumers are and knowing what inspires them to buy from you. Trying to understand what your customers want and need should be a continuous and ongoing goal. When you understand customer thinking, it becomes easier to attract new customers and keep your current ones.

If you can learn how to persuade customers to return to your business and keep buying from you, your customer base will increase steadily, even if you only get a few new consumers each month.

So, how exactly do you grow your customer base? That’s what we’re going to go over in this blog.

1. Improve your marketing strategy

    In every industry or sector, having a well-defined marketing plan is critical for your business to thrive and achieve as much attention from customers as possible. If you want to attract more clients, the first thing you must do is reach out to them. That’s where marketing strategy comes in. 

    Essentially, a marketing strategy is an outline of your business targets and consumer needs and a clear plan for how you will address them through content. A solid marketing plan can reach your target customers, even those who might have never heard of your products or services, and inspire them to invest in your product or service.

    If you have a marketing strategy, think about ways to improve it. A solid marketing plan can assist you in staying on target and measuring the performance of your business. A marketing strategy should include a content strategy that is aimed at attracting your target customers. If you don’t have a content strategy in place, investing in one can be a great return on investment.

    2. Use personalised marketing

      Personalisation has transformed the way we understand marketing, enhancing the consumer experience and, as a result, increasing business profitability.

      Personalising your marketing allows you to communicate the right message to the right people at the right time. It not only adds a personal touch to your content and copy, but it can also help generate more money for your business.

      More than 70% of customers are dissatisfied when their brand experience is impersonal. So personalising your marketing is pivotal.

      Here are some ways to make your content more personal:

      • Send customised emails
      • Customise sales follow-ups
      • Real-time chat with prospective customers
      • Make use of data analytics to improve experiences
      • Try to resolve your consumer concerns as soon as they arise

      Businesses that create content with consumers' journeys in mind can help establish trust with customers by providing a better customer experience.

      3. Partner with other businesses

      A good partnership, when managed correctly, may open the door to a new range of consumers or boost visibility to the right ones.

      Strategic partnerships can help businesses trying to expand, and they can provide you with direct access to a pre-existing consumer base.

      Developing the ideal type of partnership with the right partner is critical to maximising the value of the connection. By collaborating with another business, you entrust a portion of your reputation to them, and they entrust you with a portion of theirs.

      An ill-suited partnership can do more harm than good. So choose wisely. 

      4. Improve customer service

        Customer service is becoming an increasingly crucial component of effective marketing, from social media to email and live chat on your website. A client who calls customer service for the first time is equally as valuable as one who contacts customer service for the tenth time.

        Unless you have no competition, which is uncommon, today's consumers have many options where they might redirect their business. You can’t afford to ignore customer service. Poor customer service will drive customers to your competitors, whereas good customer service will build loyal consumers.

        Good customer service is one of today's most essential components for business success. So think about ways to improve customer service to cultivate a loyal following.

        5. Make use of social media

          Understanding your business' target demographic and the types of social media they use will help expand your customer base and cause your conversion rates to skyrocket. When you boost your social media presence, the ramifications are far-reaching. With a larger social media following across all platforms, you'll be able to direct interested users to your website.

          Strong social media marketing can grow your client base and open the door to more sales, blog subscriptions, email opt-ins, and other essential components to ensure the success of your business.

          Invest in your social media channels. You will likely attract new customers and retain followers if you consistently deliver interesting, useful, and engaging content. Most importantly though, it is critical to have a social media strategy designed specifically for your company or business. 

          6. Create a referral program

            Referral programmes are a low-cost way to acquire more customers. A referral programme is a marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to spread the word about your company to their friends, colleagues, and family members.

            According to one survey, 38% of the public learns about new businesses through consumer referrals. People trust their peers more than any other group or advertisement, with up to 92% of customers taking recommendations from friends and family members.

            A referral programme often provides consumers with a reward in exchange for their efforts, such as a gift card, discount, points, or swag. Create an attractive reward for your referral program to encourage your customers to refer others and direct them to your business.

            7. Try email marketing

            Email marketing has been around for a long time for a reason. It regularly outperforms all other marketing channels in terms of interacting with readers and converting them into customers.

            Email marketing is a type of direct marketing where emails are used to educate and persuade leads to take a particular action, such as making a purchase. You want your clients to see you as an expert resource for your products, so you need to demonstrate that you are that expert.

            Use email marketing to develop trust with your consumers and ultimately generate more sales. Plan email campaigns that can help you communicate with your target audience to promote your business, increase sales, and connect with your customers.

            8. Improve your SEO

            SEO, which is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation, is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of internet traffic from search engines to a website or web page. In essence, it refers to the act of making your website as search engine friendly as possible.

            The primary difference between SEO and paid advertising is that SEO refers to organic ranking, which generally means you do not pay to appear in that spot. 

            You need to create and distribute high-quality content so that search engines like Google can rank and display your website when consumers search for your products or services. The higher your site appears in search results for a range of search phrases, the better your chances are of being discovered for your product or service.

            Blogging is generally one of the best ways to rank your business on Google search results because it positions your website as a relevant solution to your customer’s inquiries, and it's also a great way to deliver value and information about your product or service to your customers. With each post you produce and optimise, you can:

            • Increase the authority of your site
            • Increase your visibility in organic search
            • Establish your credibility as a reliable authority 

            We have reached the end of our list. Remember, it takes time to build a loyal customer base. But it’s incredibly important, because a strong customer base means you have a strong business. It’s the key to your business success.