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Copywriting & the power of brevity

Even if your sales copy is amazing, the truth is most readers will just read the first few lines of it. This is because most of us are bombarded with media and information on a daily basis. Since our attention spans are only shrinking, it is vital that your copywriting is succinct and direct.

When it comes to effective copywriting, less is sometimes more.

How can I achieve copywriting brevity?

Make a plan

Don't start writing unless you have a plan. Before you start locating relevant data for your copy, make sure you have a strong understanding of your target audience. This is the first and most important stage of your research.

Organise information by importance

Once you have your resources and information, think about the key points you want to convey to the reader. Make sure your points are part of a hierarchy; start with the most important ones and proceed from there. 

Structure your copy 

Use bullet points, headings, and subheadings. These make it easier to skim your copy and they help present your ideas in an attractive and orderly manner. 

Use simple language 

Good copywriting requires using simple language that’s easy to understand. Try to create content that can be consumed quickly and easily. Simplifying topics for your audience will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

Spend more time editing than writing

Inefficient writers spend more time writing, but then they give little time to editing.

Global leaders in communications training, McLuhan and Davies, found that effective writers spend:

  • 40% of their time planning
  • 25% of their time writing
  • 35% of their time revising

    Less effective writers spend:

  • 20% planning
  • 60% writing
  • 20% revising

Make sure you spend more time editing. 

Brief copy converts

People are tired of reading fluff-filled marketing copy. Remember, in a noisy world, the best copy is that which educates an audience in a way that the mind finds easy to digest. 

Brevity is making sure every word counts.

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